Our Classified Forum runs differently than those of many other sites. It works quite well. So please read the following and ask if you have questions.

Ads may only be run, on this site, in the Classified Forum

Please read these rules before using this forum

A. Guidelines for Sellers
A. 1. Quick Guide Summary for Sellers
B. Guidelines for Buyers
C. General Guidelines

A. Guidelines for Sellers:

This free service is provided for Private Parties offering personal motorcycle related items.

For Sale (FS)
Wanted to Buy (WTB)
Wanted to Trade (WTT)
For Free (FF)

Please start the Title of your Ad with either FS, WTB, WTT or FF

Ads will not show up in the forum until approved by a Moderator.

This can take up to 48 hours, although it's usually much quicker.
We're all volunteers, so please be patient. Thank you.

Sellers are required to post a clearly stated asking price.
You may include Or Best Offer or OBO along with the price.
Ads encouraging auction formats (i.e. �Make me an offer�), or with references/links to auction-type (eBay, etc) sales, will not be approved.

Sellers, since the rules don't allow buyers to reply directly to the ad, but rather to contact you personally, please state how you would like to be contacted
and supply the appropriate contact information in your Ad (i.e. Private Message, email, etc).
Communication between buyer & seller will take place privately.
Inquiry or commentary replies to Ads are not approved.

Please include a description of your item(s)
Make, Model, Year, Mileage, Color, Size, ...

Please include clearly stated terms for shipping and payment options - such as "accepting PayPal", "CONUS", etc.

How to post a lower a price �
To lower your price simply reply to your own Ad with the changes (�Price reduced to $xxxx�) and we will review and approve your reply accordingly.
Tiny price reductions are viewed as a disguised �bump.�
A significant price change of $5 or 5%, whichever is greater, up to a maximum of $250 - is an appropriate amount and an acceptable method of refreshing your ad.

How to mark an item as sold -
Reply to your own Ad with SOLD, FOUND or REMOVE. A Moderator will see this and will edit your Ad to indicate the change of status, then we'll move your Ad to the Classified History forum.

If an item has sold, in your multiple item Ad, reply to your own Ad with the updated information and a Moderator will Edit your existing Ad for you.

Posts moving it to the top, or �bumping,� are not allowed and can result in deletion of your Ad.

Ads may be recreated and reposted after 14 days.

If you would like to recreate your Ad and resubmit it, you may do so once the Ad is more than 14 days old.

Your reply, to your own Ad, will be approved for the following reasons:
1. Appropriate Price Reduction
2. To Mark the Item as SOLD, FOUND or SPOKEN FOR

If you forget to include something in your Ad, reply to your Ad with the missing information and a Moderator will edit your existing Ad and include that information in your original AD. If you want to add photos you need to provide the appropriate working links, otherwise we'll add "PM me for photos".

A. 1. QUICK GUIDE SUMMARY FOR SELLERS - All Ads should include:
1. A brief description of the item in the subject line, beginning with For Sale (FS), or Wanted to Buy (WTB), or Want to Trade (WTT}, or Free (FF).
2. A clearly stated asking price
3. Directions for how to contact Seller
4. Comprehensive description of all items (size, color, model, year, mileage, etc...).
5. Clearly stated terms for shipping and payment options - such as �accepting PayPal", CONUS, etc.
6. Photographs or working links to photographs or �Please PM me for photographs�. Please make use of the forum Discussion Board Support for help in how to post photographs or for testing.

B. Guidelines for Buyers:

Direct replies to Ads will not be approved.

Communication between buyer & seller will take place privately.
All inquiries to Ads should be made via PM or e-mail

If you notice that a Seller has not responded to your inquiry make sure that you did actually PM or email them.

Repeated direct replies to Ads may result in loss of Classified privileges.

Older Ads can be viewed by adjusting the viewing setting, Display Options, at the bottom of the Forum.

C. General Guidelines:

This forum is limited to Ads listing items as follows:

For Sale (FS)
Wanted to Buy (WTB)
Wanted to Trade (WTT)
For Free (FF)

This service is provided for Private Parties offering personal motorcycle related items.
Users may not post commercial advertisements or solicitations.
This forum is closed to vendors. There is a Vendor Forum for discussion of your products, prices, etc.

Identity cloaking is prohibited.
If you are concerned about having your identity, email, IP address or other identifying data out on the internet, then perhaps this isn't the place for you to be selling something. Use of identity cloaking will result in removal of your Ad.

Participants shall not post For Sale any duplicated material protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary protection.

This web site bears no responsibility for any loss, damage, or other liabilities involved with the sale of property in this Forum.
We will not be party to dispute resolution, nor will public discussion of any disagreements be allowed.

Not following the rules above may result in your Ad not being approved. Continued violations may result in the loss of Classified privileges.

Thank you for participating in this free service.