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#980339 - 02/17/17 04:15 AM Re: 2016 RT Bluetooth Clarification- BMW or Sena [Re: mig]
Skywagon Online

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mig...the RKA works for me 99 times out of a hundred. I turn on my bike and let it settle in for about a minute before I turn on the Sena. Then it takes a few seconds for the SENA to connect, but almost always does. When it doesn't, I go to the Bluetooth screen on the bike, go to helmet 1. Before I select helmet 1, I push the SENA button, not the jog dial, until it starts beeping. Then I select helmet 1 on the bike and wait for it to show SENA. Then I select SENA and all is well.

Try the RKA method again, get it all synced, then try what I described

#980414 - 02/18/17 01:28 PM Re: 2016 RT Bluetooth Clarification- BMW or Sena [Re: mig]
realshelby Offline

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I tried the RKA method also. Wouldn't allow my bluetooth music from the bike to the Sena. Bluetooth signal on dash kept flashing. So, while flashing, I pushed the phone button on the Sena for six seconds. It paired up and works perfectly now. That means 3 different pairings from the Sena to the bike

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#980440 - 02/18/17 07:44 PM Re: 2016 RT Bluetooth Clarification- BMW or Sena [Re: realshelby]
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Thats what i am doing as well. but the third pairing to the bike I have to initiate, but whats funny is that when i turn on the SENA it tells me the media is paired and the phone is paired although I don't have my phone turned on ??? weird
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#982018 - 03/13/17 01:26 AM Re: 2016 RT Bluetooth Clarification- BMW or Sena [Re: mig]
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Mig, I just hooked up a Sena 10U on my 16 RT. It was confusing at first because the BMW has its own radio. But in the BMW owners manual (for the audio system ) there are instructions called Expansion stage 4, which suite my use. No 2nd helmet, etc. I followed them to the letter and it works great. You might want to look at the options in the manual, and follow those instructions for the set up of your intend to use. I guess I'm assuming that you have the BMW audio system. Basically I didn't connect my phone to the Sena, but to the BMW GPS instead. And I don't use the Sena radio, but use the BMW radio. I don't answer the phone on my bike.
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