91,000 miles. I replaced the speedo about 1000 miles ago with a used one, so it only indicates 30,000 miles). Still have the old speedo.
Starts good. Runs good. Stops good. I just don't ride it any more since the FJR came into the stable.
Blue, with a mismatched (also blue) right mirror.
Back corner of belly pan where it mates with the right body panel is cracked (where the pan tab fits into the body panel, which has a matching crack). I hit a piece of tire on the freeway, but it is JB welded.
Flip up tank bag.
HID low beams.
Head guards.
Oehlins (rear shock was just serviced).
Cee Bailey and original screens.
New rear tire, almost new front.

Near Tampa Floriduh.

2002 R1150RT
1998 R1100RS