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#917453 - 01/13/15 08:52 AM Hexhead: Disconnecting the sidestand safety switch
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The merits of this procedure have been well discussed elsewhere...if you don't feel comfortable doing it, THEN DON'T! However, understand that the microswitch on your kickstand with the associated three wires can fail at anytime, and will most likely fail when you are in the middle of nowhere, leaving you 100% COMPLETELY UNABLE TO START THE BIKE AT ALL. Secondly, even if the bike is running, the wires may contact each other and shut the engine off without warning. BOTH HAVE HAPPENED TO ME!! You don't want to be leaned over in a tight turn at slow speed when power to the rear wheel cuts out....not cool.
Anyways, if you can't possibly program yourself to double check neutral and kickstand before taking off, then by all means leave your switch alone (or replace it periodically). If you CAN, then by all means follow along with this video. Enjoy!

Sidestand safety switch bypass video

#969945 - 09/06/16 01:26 AM Re: Hexhead: Disconnecting the sidestand safety switch [Re: MTRMAN63]
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When I brought my bike home from the dealer, I put the sidestand down while I opened the door. Then when I put it in gear to ride inside, it died. I put it in neutral restarted, and repeated about three times before I realized there was a side stand cutoff switch.

Instead of permanently disabling it, I am more inclined to keep its failure in mind as a possibility and remain prepared to short it out should it fail.

That raises a question. The video says the wires are red, white, and tan/yellow. He shorts the white to the tan/yellow. On my 2015 R the wires are yellow, green and green with brown stripe. Does anyone know offhand which two have to be shorted to make the bike think the side stand is up?

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#978913 - 01/24/17 11:02 PM Re: Hexhead: Disconnecting the sidestand safety switch [Re: MTRMAN63]
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Connect the white and brown/tan together and you should be all set.

#981579 - 03/06/17 01:19 PM Re: Hexhead: Disconnecting the sidestand safety switch [Re: MTRMAN63]
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Yep, confusng isn't it-- On the 1200RT it DEPENDS ON; what side of the side stand switch connector that you are working with.

On the side stand switch side (pigtail from the switch itself) the wire colors are (red), brown), (white)

Same wire circuits on the bike side of the side stand switch connector are (brown/green/yellow), (yellow/green), (grey/green)

So what wire colors that you use depend on what side of the side stand conenctor that you are looking at.
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