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#982532 - 03/19/17 10:29 PM Re: NSAIDs Before Riding - Could They Kill You? [Re: lawnchairboy]
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Originally Posted By: lawnchairboy
That is a S:?!,-ton of ibuprofen.

Yep, at the time, you could go down to the Corpsman (medics for Army types) and request a baggie. They knew exactly what you wanted and would give you a ziplock full of the 800mg "grunt candies".

If it hurts, take motrin, if the symptoms persist, change your socks wink
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#982599 - 03/20/17 08:34 PM Re: NSAIDs Before Riding - Could They Kill You? [Re: Mike]
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Before I had my shoulder replaced, I was taking "Vitamin I" on a regular basis every day.

If, due to a scientific study, blame anything on them, let me know and I will be telling Nancy as soon as she gets home.

Honey, I had to buy a sidecar rig, I took "Vitamin I" for too many years and it's not my fault! wave clap rofl
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#982710 - 03/22/17 03:56 AM Re: NSAIDs Before Riding - Could They Kill You? [Re: Mike]
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I got myself a ride to the hospital in the back of a very nice red van thanks to taking too high a dose of ibuprofen for several weeks. It caused a gastritis. Worst pain I've ever experienced. Worse than appendicitis. I'm very careful with it now.
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#982728 - 03/22/17 02:23 PM Re: NSAIDs Before Riding - Could They Kill You? [Re: Mike]
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I appreciate all the responses. For the laymen among us, it's sometimes hard to sort through the media reports to separate the hype from reality. It sounds as though an otherwise healthy person keeping his or her occasional intake with the recommended dosages is not at particularly great risk. Good to know.
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#982956 - 03/24/17 06:34 PM Re: NSAIDs Before Riding - Could They Kill You? [Re: Mike]
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I do know that ibuprofen counteracts blood thinners, and cannot be used by people taking coumadin for that reason. Whether or not it can otherwise increase coagulation leading to DVT induced PE, stroke or heart attack I don't know but I guess it is logical. You would have to ask a doctor.

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