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#959193 - 04/26/16 02:08 PM AMA Membership, Specifically the Roadside Assistance
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I have only been an AMA member for six years, but it has paid for itself just in the Roadside Assistance. I've had to use it twice, and it has exceeded my expectations.

First, I was returning from a weekend getaway with my wife, and the RT basically quit, while issuing expensive noises. We got out of traffic safely, I called AMA, and they sent a truck with a driver who knew what he was doing and he took the bike and me to my dealer. No charge because it was less than 35 miles. (Old alternator belt had given up the ghost, beating the crap out of the HES, but Bob's did the work and there haven't been any issues with it since.)

Yesterday evening, we got a distressing call from our younger son, who was driving one of our cars in Delaware when the right front tire blew out on a ramp from one Interstate to another. He managed to get to the left shoulder, but couldn't safely change the tire due to the proximity of the ramp lane on his right. I gave him my member number and the telephone number and had him make the call. Twenty minutes later, the car was loaded up and the driver dropped Ryan and the car off at a local automotive place. Again, no charge because it was less than 35 miles.

I'll be quite honest, I originally became a member because we ogt a discount on our tickets to Vintage Motorcycle Days, which I have attended with friends a few times. I stayed a member even though I haven't been to VMD in the past few years, and the towing benefit has made this a very good decision.
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#985538 - 04/24/17 12:06 AM Re: AMA Membership, Specifically the Roadside Assistance [Re: Glenn Reed]
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I agree. I joined just to get the roadside assistance. Much cheaper than AAA and they will haul a bike or your car too. I've had to call them twice...because I had locked my keys in my car! Haha
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#985573 - 04/24/17 11:52 AM Re: AMA Membership, Specifically the Roadside Assistance [Re: Glenn Reed]
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I've had excellent experience with AMA roadside service. Never used it for the m/c, but for bent rims/blowouts on car due to potholes.

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#985910 - 04/26/17 11:00 PM Re: AMA Membership, Specifically the Roadside Assistance [Re: Glenn Reed]
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Used it for typical things.
Bikes a few times (not the RT yet though, touch wood).
Lock out on the car once
Car tows half a dozen times. Last was about a month ago, headed home with mom's car and the trans locked up.

I've been a member a real long time.
First got hooked when the bike broke down. Nice fellow stopped to help me and recommended it.

The magazine, political action group, other discounts - lots more reasons to join up besides road-side.
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