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#995201 - 08/22/17 11:52 PM Airlines and Motorcycle Gear Bags
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#995737 - 08/30/17 01:53 PM Re: Airlines and Motorcycle Gear Bags [Re: Inlaw1]
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Anyone have experience flying airlines and gear bags that may be slightly oversized? Leaving for Europe for some riding Thursday and was packing my gear bag over the weekend when a zipper gave out. Found one through Amazon Prime and had it Monday and things were great, as it was larger than the one I had previously, so things fit even better. However, upon review of weight limits with the airline (Delta) I found out there is also a size limitation. Length x width x height = 62 inches. Mine is 67 inches.

Looking online for another bag I find almost all motorcycle gear bags are at least 65 inches, or they are smaller by quite a bit and won't fit all the gear the both of us need to take. There are fees attached to oversize bags, and on an international flight it's $300, YIKES! So, my luck I'll get the one ticket agent that won't bend on the rules (happened one other time with a bag that was like 3 pounds over that cost me $100) and I'll get smacked with the fee.

So, anyone have any experience? Airlines usually lenient on size, just more worried about weight?


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#995750 - 08/30/17 06:02 PM Re: Airlines and Motorcycle Gear Bags [Re: TheOtherLee]
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Get two smaller gear bags,rather than trying to slip by with one oversize bag.
In my experience,they are not very lenient and readily willing to tack on extra fees at any opportunity!


#996094 - 09/04/17 02:08 AM Re: Airlines and Motorcycle Gear Bags [Re: TheOtherLee]
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Try some SCUBA Diving bags, they are within limits and will hold lots of gear--
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