Multi-task, mind wanders while still enjoying the ride, while I always have music playing, thinking about changes at work, dealing with that moron, car changing lanes in front of me, how can I fund the bathroom and bedroom re-model without financing, when am I going to lay the tile i both of my garages, tight turn up ahead, what angle will I lay that tile, a little hot/lean farther, meh let the wife decide the angle, . Muscle memory works and as you see the traffic, a curve, an obstacle, you don't necessarily have to stop your current train of thought, just let your training and muscle memory take effect. Even on unfamiliar territory, it's just a matter of adjusting to the terrain, do you really have to concentrate on the ride or do you just enjoy the ride.

Laborare pugnare paratus sum
2014 HP4
2010 Shadow RS
2006 R1200rt