Good Morning,

For my 2012 1200RT

Tranny .. no big deal or different from my previous Beemers. My xl cadet hands could not get a plastic bag under the drain plug. I put aluminum foil around the exhaust and other exposed parts and a small pan for catching the old lube. Fill to top threads, no measurement needed.

Then I changed the rear unit fluid. Had to remove exhaust, and wheel but also took out speed sensor so I can drop link and inspect/lube splines. Decided to fill rear from speed sensor hole since it was open. Was going to use this swivel head plastic bottle with a narrow spout but in the end opted for a 60 mm syringe which I used three times for 180 mm. Dummy did not consider that the speed sensor hole would be open when I drop the link for the lube spline. Lesson learned ... drain rear, then do spline, then fill rear. I ran down to the hardware store and got a rubber plug for the speed sensor hole which worked fine.

Dropped the link and found a bone dry spline, slight rust, and a good amount of water in the pockets. Cleaned. lubed with a good moly, and sealed the rubber boot with some NAPA Sil-Glide. They recommend changing the link nut as it acts as a lock nut due to its oval shape. I can't imagine that it stretches as the torque is only 42 NM. I sealed the nut with loctite blue and marked it with a orange line to see if it moved at all. No movement on this last 700 mile blast. I did get a replacement nut from the dealer which I might change this long winter.

That's the scoop. Waiting for a DVD and will tackle my first brake bleed on this bike. It can't be any more complicated than doing it on my 03RT.

Take good care,