Hi folks,

The front wheel on my R1150RT (2001) drags, most likely due to a sticky caliper piston or two - I recently found one pad in each side was much more worn than the other, which I guess confirms that.

I have seen a great youtube film on stripping and rebuilding a caliper. Does not look too hard so I will give it a go next sunny day - no workshop so it has to be outside.

Will I be able to get the seals out and replace them if they are OK or is this a destructive manoeuvre?

I cannot see anyone selling just the seals, there are just kits with what looks like the pistons too. Is this because one isn't going to find trashed seals without trashed pistons?

Thanks for any thoughts,

Pat Lurcock
Devon, England
2001 R1150RT (Silver)(with oily fingerprints)