Looking at my profile, it's been many years since I was on the forum or owned a BM. However, I'm now the proud owner of a new R1200RT and fully intend it to be a keeper. smile. So hello again everybody wave

I'm hoping that someone can give me a definitive answer to a Garmin Navigator 6 sat nav question I have.

My bike, which I believe is a MY2018 model, fitted with the latest Nav 6 works very well, albeit, costing twice as much as it probably should frown

One aspect that disappoints me is that it doesn't, or won't display the 'My Motorcycle' application that's been available when fitted on the 1200GS version for years. I've read that some RT owners can access this app on both Nav 5 & 6s, so I'm keen to find a work around for my bike or find out for certain that it's a no go.

Any thoughts or experience would be gratefully received.