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I guess the one big outstanding issue I have where i am is no Honda dealers allow test rides of anything

Thats one of the things that led me to BMW. I was 26 and shopping specifically for a bike to handle a cross country trip we were planning. My local dealers selling the Japanese bikes wouldn't allow any sort of test rides, even on an old busted up KLR650 one of them had sitting there. I don't know if they didn't think I was serious, my age, or their policy, but it really turned me off. I walked into my local BMW shop and the sales guy said first thing......"Let me know if there is anything you would like to ride". We chatted for a few minutes and I ended up coming back that weekend and literally spent the whole day out riding different bikes they had. Some used, some new. I almost bought a new R1150R on the spot, but I was a little concerned about the lack of leg room. I ended up buying a used 1100RT from someone here instead, but I never would have been exposed to the brand at all if it wasn't for that dealer. Same goes for my local Harley dealer. I can't even get in and out from the parts counter without them offering me a test ride. Every single time.

I did have one very small local Kawasaki dealer that offered me a test ride a few years ago when the Versys 650 came out, but then mentioned one of the sales staff would lead me on another bike on their "prefered route". I passed.

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