I hope to be able to make this one since I missed both the UN and the FART. My wife was diagnosed in April with primary progressive MS. It only occurs in about 10% of the MS cases and occurs later in life. Unlike the relapsing-remitting form of MS, this one steadily gets worse with no periods of improvement. She had been losing the use of her left leg for several years but the doctors were unable to diagnose the problem. Finally a neurologist realized it wasn't muscles or orthopedic but the nerves from her spine and the MRI showed the tell-tale lesions. There was no drug known to affect this type of MS but one was approved several weeks before her diagnosis. It is only known to slow the progression of disease, not stop it so we won't really know if it is working since we don't know what the rate of progression would be without it.

I've been busy trying to make the house manageable (rollators on both floors and a chair-lift from the 1st to 2nd). We've worked with a builder drawing up plans for a single-level, living-in-place home and are finalizing the deal for a lot to put it on. Right now my wife isn't comfortable with me being away since if she falls (which has happened) it can be very difficult for her to get back up. So I'll need to see if I can find someone to stay with her while I'm at the START. I also need to work on her new-found anxiety of what will happen to her if something should happen to me.

So I've missed seeing you all and hope to see you in April. In the meantime, hope everyone has great holidays. Stay safe.

George C
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