Hey guys I have a 2002 R1150r and I am looking for two accessories
One being a charging system for my android phone.
Unlink the RT'S I have no side outlet... the only thing I have is a charging end out from the battery for my trickle charger.

Do they make a charger that plugs into this? And if so do they make one that has a hard disconnect off switch that makes sure im not draining Battery when not in use?
I'm asking because I had a charger previously that connected directly to the battery but if you didn't ride in two weeks by the time you went to start the bike the battery had been slowly drained out by the charger connection.

Next I'm looking for blue tooth ear buds that have a mic that works inside a helmet... i have ear buds that work but no mic... and i have wired earphones that have a mic but they don't "feel" good under my full face shoei and I have on more then one occasion nearly pulled my ears out of my helmet forgetting I'm plugged in and standing up from my bike... yes I know its stupid but I still end up doing it at least once a month.

I'm not looking for a walkie talkie system or a rider to Rider system... just a basic Bluetooth phone set that works so I don't have to pull over to take a phone call

Any advice or links is greatly appreciated