Hi, having a bad run atm, on Thursday a truck threw a rock up and cracked the windscreen on the car so I have to organize getting that fixed.
Friday our refrigerator died and had to get a new one delivered, that cost a bit!!!
Now Saturday the wife and I thought we'd get away from it all for the day and take a small trip, didn't get far and the bike just died, had to push it back home, cripes that pooped us out some!!! tongue
What happened was the choke was still on and the bike was in first gear slowly up a dirt road toward the main bitumen road. Suddenly it just died and the bike jumped out of first gear into neutral. Cranking over doesn't start it unless I turn the ignition off then on, then it runs for a second or so and dies again. This repeats, only after the ignition is turned off then on will it even kick over. After doing this a few times the bike cranks over but not even a kick now.
Not sure what to do now, at a guess I'd say the fuel pump or some kind of blockage, I did just clean the bike the day before so maybe water got in somewhere. Anyone have any ideas? confused