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I guess I'm easy to please.


+2 I don't like the N>1st gear clunk so I avoid it. Whenever I get to the front side of a traffic signal I always leave the bike in 1st and kill the engine after verifying it's generally safe to do so vis a vis approaching traffic from the rear. In 27K miles now since new in March 18, 2016 I've only shifted from N>1st maybe 12-15x. My fantasy is that a starter really isn't going to wear out from repeated us per se. I would say for most days out for 40-60 miles on average I end up killing the engine about 2-3x as the rest of the intersections are green lights back side of red lights. I don't like the sound and feel of the N>1st clunk it just feels course and 'agricultural' so I avoid it which is very easy to do. It does surprise me they did not engineer out this behavior which apparently some of the Japanese bikes in similar weight classes have been able to do much better. Since there is a workaround it never bother me.

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