OK, here's a couple of endorsements from ordinary bikers; screen grabs for veracity, in case all you suspicious nay-sayers think I'm having you on.

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There are also equally enthusiastic comments on forums like ADVRider and Pelikan Parts, plus further favourable reviews on the two main German BMW Boxer forums, but they talk funny.....

Needless to say, I don't know the guy and mostly don't understand his Google Translated English. I found out about his existence whilst reading posts on the UKGSer forum. So I e-mailed him and told him that my bike had the OEM air-filter box containing the standard paper filter, a Y-piece instead of the OEM cat lump that weighs almost 12 kg, and that it had the OEM silencer.

So one evening last summer I fitted the chip he sent me from Greece to my UK address, into my '04 non-ABS 24K miles Rockster.

The day after, on a 70 mile ride-out, in comparison to the OEM chip that had been in there - very difficult by the way to get the lid off the Motronic tin box - take your time using a wide-blade screwdriver a millimetre at a time whilst waiting for the weatherproofing glue to slowly give way as you move along - it took me half-an-hour to get all round the circumference - the bike then went like sh*t off a shovel in all gears, with faster starting on the "choke" lever, much more eager and rapid response to every throttle roll-on, especially in mid-range, along with continuing slight improvements in fuel economy as each tankful of 95 is used. I only buy 95 at fuel stations. The last tankful of mixed-zooming riding returned 53 miles-per-gallon and I think it'll be more next time when I ride around on it at Christmas and New Year.

To repeat, I have no connection with the guy except as one of his customers but I think he seems to be a genuinely enthusiastic and experienced e-prommer, as well as an R850R owner - and I always try to keep an open mind on any news of an innovatory nature.

AL in s.e. Spain

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