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True confession: and I feel guilty (seriously), but I was late for an appointment and rode that K1300GT wicked fast and grossly irresponsibly. If any car made any unexpected move—intentionally or otherwise—that would have been curtains for me.

Of course, the bike will do nothing to discourage such behavior; the engine comes alive and only encourages you to push it further. If the bike wasn’t so well engineered, I’d probably be dead now. Handling, stability in every condition, and superior brakes saved my bacon.

I cannot ride like this again ever. I feel like I perverted motorcycling by putting forth a reinforcing image that motorcycling is irresponsible. Terrible. At 57 years of age I know better, or I should, anyhow.

This wasn't after our lunch ride, was it? I'm glad to go out and help with anything I can to get you comfortable. We can work on RidingSmart, parking lot and balance, slow etc. Heck, I'll even let you lead so the GT doesn't feel so ashamed at having to chase the GS bike stir money dance shake cuz


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