I recently did a fly and ride to California and am now the happy owner of a 2004 Boxer Cup Replica laugh

It's now mostly stripped down to do maintenance / upgrade a few things and I was hoping you all might have some advice for me

Some background...

Bike was in storage for about 2.5 months. I don't know how infrequently it was ridden before storage

Battery was dead after being in storage. Works well after charging

43,800 miles when I test rode it in California

44,800 miles now after riding it back to Utah

The headlight is useless

After a thousand miles and 2 bottles injector cleaner, this is the situation:

It idles rough at about 800 RPM and sometimes dies

It consistently hesitates 2-3 times between about 5200 and 7000 RPM (although not nearly as much as when I first rode it)

Headlight is still useless but I discovered that the high beam bulb had slipped out of position and was melting the reflection housing

This is my plan:

Do the 12,000 mile service (change all fluids, change the fuel, air and oil filter, new v-belt, adjust valves, balance TBs, replace plugs)

Replace R1100 injectors with a balanced set originally designed for the R1200 ( http://www.jt-c.com/product_info.php?info=p47_r1100xx-injector ) an encouraging thread on the topic ( http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/1200gs-injectors-in-the-1100gs-and-1150gs-vrooom.1181054/ )

Add an AX-FIED

Add Clearwater Darlas on the forks

Replace headlight assembly because of the high-beam, bad news melty situation (already have a used one on the way)

Add LED H1 & H7 headlight bulbs

Current unknowns are which LED bulbs would work best with the R1100S housing (I don't mind modifying the dust covers) and how to mount the Darlas (but this may work http://www.twistedthrottle.com/denali-fender-mount-for-dm-d2-lights-m5-m6-black )

Please share your thoughts and advice. I'm sure I've overlooked something and I'd appreciate your wisdom.

Thank you!

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