Yup.....Thats a 2+ year old article, but the "depreciation" on the Volt gets a lot of attention. I do feel a little bad for guys who ran out and bought a fully loaded Gen1. They got hosed. There is more going on than the surface numbers for the Gen2 though. The sticker on mine was basically $35k. Chevy was running a 20% off MSRP on leftover 2016 models when I bought it. Tax, Tags, and title, I was out the door for under $30k. Then the state of PA gave me a $2k rebate for buying an electric vehicle, and I got an extra $7500 back on my federal tax return this past year for the same reason. That drops the price I paid down to under $21k. I couldn't have bought a new Civic, Corolla, or a Prius for that price. The kicker being.....the Volt doesn't suck to drive and all of those do. They also would have been crushed resale wise because of the miles I rack up. I can't find a used '16 model locally for sale under $20k, so I'm thinking I did ok so far. I do plan to keep it for a VERY long time, so resale was about last on my list of pros/cons. There are Gen1 Volts out there with over 400k miles on them already with pretty much no issues. I was reading about one last week where the one guy was over 400k and still on the original brake pads due to the regenerative braking. His only replacements were one $400 computer module under the passenger seat, and wheel bearings every 100-150k miles. I hope I get that lucky

Anyone shopping for a used car should REALLY look at those Gen1 Volts. They are fantastic cars if they fit your commuting range, and they are practically giving them away. Especially the 2013-14 models. I tried to talk my wife into one so our V8 Grand Cherokee could sit a little more, but she has already been spoiled by the improvements of my Gen2.

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