Gen1 is 2011-2015
Gen2 is 2016+

I wouldn't go older than a '13 as they got a bump in battery capacity that year and also got the "hold" feature. It allows you to manually turn on the gas engine and save your battery range for when you want to use it. Like a long highway trip that ends in stop and go traffic. Run the engine on the highway when it is most efficient and you can't hear it over the highway noise. Then when you hit the stop and go crap you switch back to battery and enjoy the efficiency of the battery at lower speeds and its whisper silent.

There should be a slow charger included with any Volt you buy. I use mine when at work. At home, I spent about $400 for a Clipper Creek 220V charger that will charge my car in about 4.5hrs. I also had to add a 220v 30A breaker in my panel, run the cable, and install a matching NEMA plug. I don't remember how much all that was as I did it myself before I even bought the car. You can also hard wire them, but I wanted the ability to unplug it and use that 220V 30A circuit for other things in the garage as well.

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