Sounds like a successful life lived well and unsheltered from the kinds of adventure many of us dream about. 78 years old and out on a personal African Motorcycle tour.

78 year old fatally injured while touring Africa on his Motorcycle

30 more years of riding then......Boom. I could go for that. I don't mean for that to be insensitive - I certainly don't take his loss or anyone's passing lightly.

Edited: Found these comments the deceased made about his love of riding:

Lacy wrote about his 2015 trip from the Baltics to Hong Kong on the Motorcycle Superstore website:

Like many my age, my parents would not tolerate my interest in motorcycles even a Cushman scooter at age 13. When I was 50, we bought Tucker Rocky from Bob Nickell, one of the best entrepreneurial business leaders I’ve known, and I was liberated to immediately buy by my first motorcycle. Rick Dorfmeyer helped buy my first bike as well as telling me about the training classes to take to become good – always a life goal. I took a number of A.B.A.T.E safe rider courses. The rest is history with my becoming an avid motorcyclists with a group of close friends that took rides every year east of the Mississippi. There is not an iconic destination east of the Mississippi that I have not experienced. I learned to off road and always wished I were better at doing that, most specifically when on a Malcolm Smith ride in Vancouver. I own two BMWs (a 650 GS that I took round-trip to north of the Alaskan Arctic Circle and a R 1200 GS Adventurer that I’m riding on the Epic Journey) and soon an R nine T that Roland Sands is customizing. I also own a 1980 Harley Softail and a 1946 Indian Chief. Julia, my bride of 52 years, “bought on to biking” also taking the A.B.A.T.E. course riding her own bike for years and ultimately on the back of my bike. We enjoyed many trips with the good friends we’ve made in motorcycle. I have ridden in Morocco, the Pyrenees Mountains, South America, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, New Zealand, and now the Moscow to Hong Kong Epic Journey. I enjoy high adventure and thus have been a long standing pilot, a snowmobiler, mountain climber (Mt. Kilimanjaro), scuba diver, bareboat charter sailor to list a few. My fellow business associates in Indianapolis and throughout the nation are not intimately aware of my exploits

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