I got my FOBO system - after having a few riders at START extol the virtues of the system.

The instructions state clearly, and in large RED Print: While FOBO has been advising FOBO users to inspect and ensure good state of rubber valves, some users find it difficult to determine so. Given that the structure of rubber valves degrade over time and over travelled distance, use of sensors on such rubber valve can cause a leak or tire blowout that leads to a sudden loss of control of the vehicles which subsequently leads to an accident and serious injuries. For the safety of all users, FOBO strongly recommends use of sensors only with metal valves. If users choose to use rubber valves, users must regularly check if the valves are fit to use. FOBO is not liable for any untoward consequences.

We highly recommend using Metal
valves; T- valves and short metal valves are available on our web-store.

Follow the below link to purchase:

My rear sensor WAS mounted on a rubber stem until the rear tire was ready for replacement. I was heading out on a couple week trip when I installed these, so I maintained a close eye on my rear valve stem and tire pressure. Later on in my trip, when I replaced my tires, I had the metal valve stem with me and the shop installed it for me. I didn't use the T-stem.

Been happy with the system.

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