OK my wife wants me to give her ideas for Xmas gifts and soon to follow b-day. While I would love a new HP-4 race to be under the tree that is not such a realistic ask, so I'm looking for stuff that would be less than $200. Since I have a newish R1200RT Wethead, I'm posting here. Like the majority of BMW riders the stuff I'm more drawn to adhere to the form follows function approach to acessories, but am not totally opposed to accessories that do nothing more than improve the aesthetics of my ride, Currently I tend to do day rides but have on my list to do a long trip in the next year after I tell boss man I aint working here no more.

Already on my list
Haynes manual
Werks Quiet Ride std height windshield (although that breaks the $200 spend limit a little)

To help break my farkel block, I ask this question; What is on your wethead Xmas wish list?

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