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Laney and I have a few thousand miles on our Kendon...

The brake/taillight assemblies vibrate enough to kill bulbs. In one case the bulb socket came apart and rattled around inside the light. Replacement LED assemblies are the fix, which it looks like that one has.
I don't see a spare tire and wheel in the pictures. But, the spare mounts under the trailer where it drags on almost any high spot.
The wheel bearings are the cheapest flavor of Chinese available. NAPA can get good ones. (I've got the receipt if you need part numbers.)
The wheel chocks are more hassle than useful. Later models of the trailer provide three mounting holes for the chocks so you can slide it forward or back to fit the bike's front wheel.

I like the trailer because it's easy to store. An enclosed trailer would be better.

Dennis, I'd like the bearing part numbers. I assume my newer trailer uses the same ones. No hurry, it's in the garage for the winter.

2016 R1200RT