What is wrong in this picture....?

[Linked Image]

Is it that I am using a shovel....?
Sort of. Snowblower is not in garage ready to go, is still in shed out back.
But is only 1 1/2 inch so using the shovel is okay.
So that is not what is wrong.

Is it that my car is parked outside....?
Sort of. Two Motorcycles are in front of garage (as can see).
I have a lot of clean-up and rearranging of things before can get bikes into back corner of garage, in order to get car in garage.
But that is okay, I have some project still underway.
So that is not what is wrong.

What IS wrong is that I am here, and I have 1150RT in San Diego waiting for me.
That situation will be resolved in Jan-Feb time frame.


'02 R1150RT, '82 GS1100GK, '86 VT500