I have this little jewel of a compressor in my garage: https://m.harborfreight.com/8-gal-2-hp-125-psi-oil-lube-air-compressor-68740.html
A basic 2 HP, 110 volt, 8 gallon unit. I’ve plumbed it to an overhead retractable hose reel at the other end of the garage. It’s mostly used intermittently: to air up tires, blow dust off, air ratchet, etc., nothing heavy duty.
I’ve parked the compressor in an inconvenient location—It’s a PITA to turn the unit on/off from the ‘unloader swithch’ on the compressor. I often forget to turn the darn thing off or pull it’s plug when I’m done tinkering, resulting in wifey asking “honey, did you remember to turn off the compressor” as the little guy ‘cycles on’ in the middle of the night.

Question for electricians: would it be OK to wire a light switch to the compressors dedicated outlet to turn it off/on?

--Ken G�tzen-Berg

2005 R1200RT ("Baron") [still going strong @ 125,000 miles]
2010 R1200RT ("Zigfried")
2016 R1200RTW ("Ludwig"}