Also, not an electrician......but I'd do it.

I always hate forgetting to turn my compressor off. I swear it never decides to cycle at 2pm, its gotta be 2am. The biggest PITA with mine is that I had my breaker panel replaced this past summer and now it trips the breaker every time it attempts to cycle on the first time. Once the piston is broken loose, it will cycle fine while I'm using it. The fun part is that it is on the same circuit as our large freezer in the garage. So if I forget, it will kick on in the middle of the night, trip the breaker, and begin to thaw out the freezer.....awesome. They really shouldn't be on the same circuit, but it was never an issue with the old panel......which is honestly part of the reason it was replaced in first place (google Federal Pacific if you are interested or have one of their panels). Anyway, my current use pattern is now, plug in the compressor, flip the switch, go reset the breaker, use the compressor, flip the switch off, and then unplug it. I'll most likely forget one of these days, lose a freezer full of food, then I'll wire in that dedicated circuit that it should have.

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