Alas my current boots I've been wearing the last ten years have basically blown out. They've been very comfortable to walk in all day. My only complaint is they aren't water proof. They are the ones in link below.

So....I decide to buy some waterproof boots. I bought the ones in the link below. As far as the foot goes, they are ok, not great but ok. If I had to walk a long way or long time I would need to change shoes. They are waterproof...........but and the big but, I wore them on a ride of about 6 hours. My shins were killing me. Reminds me of wearing ski boots that are too tight and hurt.

I've been looking all over Houston for something but not many people really stock boots. I don't want a high boot, nothing above 8 inches. I do prefer the taller hill but isn't a requirement as not vertically challenged.

Any thoughts on something you really like that are all day all walking comfortable, water proof ( it rains a lot here) and in the 8 inch category.

Thanks all.