On Saturday I took delivery of a 2017 R1200RTW. Put in a hundred fifty miles riding it home before rushing off for dinner and then a couple days’ trip to family. All I can say at the moment is WOW!, what a step up from the R1150T. However, I have as issue which will likely mean a return trip to the dealer. In preparation for that, here’s my concern:

I left the dealership in Rain mode (just happened to be in that setting). Within 5 miles I noticed that the handling was twitchy occasionally and that the bike seemed to wobble a bit left/right. My first reaction was, huh, fast steering—and that I needed to adapt. Switched to Road mode. Later on the highway, I noticed a couple times at 70-80 mph that buffeting created enough enough wobble for a fraction of a second to get my attention.

I don’t know the tires or pressure and don’t know if Mode is a factor, and won’t be back home till tomorrow. Have others had these types of issues? What should I look at or check?

Happy Holidays,

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