Had the same thoughts in May, Bob, after I smashed into a solid rock road cut and fractured six ribs and poked a hole in a lung. As soon as I got home I had a local dealer friend pick my KGT up on consignment, with the idea I was proabably done. Four months later not a nibble, so took it home. Rode it a few times. Felt nervous. Suzanne has also quit riding, so I decided to go "smaller" and traded for an RT, partly because I thought I'd never sell the K. Still very tentative on the bike after jillions of miles of WFO all the time. Still ambivalent. Am trying to learn to ride slower...and enjoy it. Not really working yet. I guess my suggestion is to keep the bike until this time next year and see how many miles you rode, how much fun it was. Not having the partner riding with us makes a helluva difference to you and me, I think.

2016 R1200RT