The owner will have the bikes HEI replaced at his local shop, before I pick it up when the shop reopens in Feb. While its open, and on his dime//quarter I would like to know what would be prudent to replace on a bike with 42k miles as a garage queen. I hear about stick coils, wiring issues, maybe solenoids or whatever. It makes sense to upgrade to better and newer parts while it's all opened up, sort of a preemptive strike you might say. Thanks to all who can suggest what could make my new to me bike into a super ride. I have ridden for years, but getting older, and stiff enough that I don't do stuff myself any more.

Thanks Riders, appreciate your help, Cal

Getting BMW when ready at shop maybe Feb., as fully checked out. Now riding Yamaha Majesty 400 (maxi scoot) after many years of good times.