Riding season in the midwurst is a few weeks away, but I'm getting the itch for one more long ride. A few years back I rode to Nova Scotia, over three weeks of fun. Last year I told Nancy and most likely didn't have one more trip in me, but as I'm starting to return to feeling better, a trip out west or maybe to the Icefield Parkway seems to be attracting me in that direction. Other than a trip to Redmond for a MOA rally, I've not ridden in the PNW and never ridden in N. California so there is a lot from which to choose.

I keep a list of potential rallies and events on the calendar. Last year I made it to FART. Hopefully this year will not be a repeat.

What places have you always wanted to experience on a bike but, for one reason or another, haven't made it?

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95% of an RT.

I haven't had too many Beemers, I just don't have enough time.