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Hello all, I am considering tracking down a pair of heavy duty PC fans and placing one behind each of my oil coolers. I have yet to brainstorm a way to wire them to my battery. I was just thinking that this would be a nice addition to my rockster because I am often caught in Houston traffic during the summer. Has anyone seen anything like this done? And do y'all think the fans would help out, or is it just too much trouble?

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You are probably trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist.

The Rockster has a lot of cooling even without any fans-- Have you EVER seen your engine overheat in traffic? I don't mean just a little high on the dash temp gauge (that is normal as the gauge is measuring pre-oil-cooler cooling oil temps not sump temps). I don't remember does the Rockster even have a temperature gauge?

When a BMW boxer engine overheats you will know it as they will start sounding like a metal barrel full of rattling chains.

What is making you feel that you need fans on the oil coolers?

If you do add fans then it sounds like you want to add PULLER fans not pusher fans. If you add puller fans (behind the oil coolers) then it will probably take some sort of shrouding to seal the fans to the coolers. If you do that then they must be designed properly with large enough fans to not impede the air flow through the coolers when the fans are not running.

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