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Hi Roger.
So, a couple of different things. Let's talk about the damping issue first. I hear folk raving about the suspension on these new bikes, but I have now ridden a few of them (2014 onward) and really can't agree that it is anywhere near as good as it could be. If the road surface is rippled, or rough, the bike does not dampen those irregularities out fast enough to make for the super smooth ride I am used to on my 1150. It's not really a problem if the bike is upright as the result is mainly a less than comfortable ride (and when coupled with that excuse for a seat it is even worse). Although my suspicion is that if you had to brake really hard under these conditions the stopping distance would increase a little. It becomes more of an issue if you are laid over (banked) to any degree, because the bike is no longer tracking smoothly with the wheels following the irregularities. The bike kind of 'judders' sideways. I don't want to make this sound worse than it is, but it could be way better.

The second issue is the following of over-banding, white lines, road repair grooves, and road joints. If you encounter these features, the bike will try to follow them, a bit like being stuck in tram lines.
Does this explain it any clearer?

Hi Andy, Yes, that’s much clearer. Thanks.