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Roger, not sure if you've seen this from Ax-fied's website:

Use of the BMW AFXIED is no longer recommended for 2014 and later liquid cooled R1200. Field updates to the ECM by BMW Dealers during routine service department visits are creating incompatibility between the ECM and the AFXIED.

The field upgrade was something beyond our control, with no know issues prior to the new ECM load occurring in late 2016. With the field upgrade slowly propagating the change, the situation was not discovered until early 2017. This resulted in our de-certification of the R1200 LC models.

We are in the process of developing an updated AFXIED for these bikes. Release date to be announced at a future time.

There are no known issues with the older air/oil cooled engines.

Let me hijack myself for a moment ...

Yes, I am well aware of that but thanks for bringing it up. I was the pioneer for that project after putting an Innovate Motorsports LC-1 on my R1150RT. The LC-1 worked great but it was too hard to implement for the average rider. I got Nightrider to create an AF-XIED that would be plug 'n play for the entire BMW line of bikes.

It's working out pretty well except on the latest model R1200 LC bikes with the latest software. BMW has incorporated a new test of the O2 sensor to try and knock out bad sensors (fueling modifiers) and as a result the AF-XIED causes the BMSX to throw a minor code. For the last several months, I have been helping Steve at Nightrider to develop an add-on module, together with an owner of an LC GSA and LC RT. As of just last week, a new adaptor module to the XIED has passed all its tests on a LC bike and will be headed into production soon.

The new adaptor module will be compatible with all existing AF-XIEDs. Nightrider is pretty conservative so I expect they will take several weeks or months to bring it to production.

This whole episode reminds me of the Mad Magazine Spy vs Spy cartoon where each spy tries to outdo the other. BMW keeps making its sensor tests more accurate and fueling add-on makers then have to adapt.

As of this time, I should be able to get a pair of the Beta Units now that I've got an RTW. I'll run those first but then later switch to LC-2s so that I can log the RTW AFR for the entire map. Actual, on the road AFR, is almost always much different than the inaccurate AFRs you see from Dyno runs. That's why I want to map it myself. If you've got a few nights, ;), here's a link to the research: http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=746671#Post746671.

Here's the beta-unit add-on module that gets the AF-XIED to play with the newest RTWs.
[Linked Image]

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