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Hi Roger,

Tire goober you say, that sure isn't normal. Between the smooth surface of a brand new tire and any tire mold release agent (silicon oil, or some type fatty acid compound like erucamide) could cause all kinds of problems until scrubbed off. But that stuff is by design sitting only on the tire surface and the gummy material you say you can smear off may point to some solvent that penetrated and soften the rubber compound which would make the problems persist much longer...maybe even spoil the nature of the rubber compound under prolonged exposure. My guess that unless the tire was sitting in the solvent for a while it really should scrub off with more riding. Maybe try using some Dawn dish soap water and a soft scrub brush to get all that stuff off your tire, rinse and let dry and then see if the issue is gone.

Just a swag here, but you might ask how the dealer prepared the bike. Did they use some solvating type cleaner to wipe off the exhaust and rims. Some of those so called environmental friendly cleaners could be a culprit as they are based on limonene compounds which are very soluble in rubber. Limonene can turn un-vulcanized rubber into a gummy sticky mess...we call it glue where I workgrin

I spoke to the dealer, who seems fairly transparent. Here's what he said:

--They don't treat the tires, "that's a no no."
--All the new tires they see have some release agent on them and are slick at delivery
--Coating described as waxy, almost like Armor All like. Consistent with what I see.
--Someone left the dealership last week on a new bike and dumped it exiting the parking lot. Fall attributed to slick tires.
--When you just replace one tire, the coating issues aren't so noticeable as on a new bike.
--Their advice is to ride-in the tires with caution. (I don't remember them saying that wink )

The last two Michelin tires I changed were shiny over most of the surface of the tire but not quite like the ones I have now. The coating I've focused on in the photo doesn't cover the whole tire, just the road contact area (yikes) and not even the last inch on either side of center. And the coating I see is a little thicker than I remember on my other tires. ...

So that's what I heard. After looking at what's on them a little more I'm going to give them a strong scrub down with detergent and a 3M pad.

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