First, how about a name. Just fill in your bio (go to Home Page). It's always nice to know who you're talking to.

Second, congratulations on your product. Two questions as they relate to my experiences with Rain-X. Is it safe to use on the hard coating that Shoei, Arai and others use on their face shields. And with Rain-X I have had a sudden explosion of glare render me almost blind when the sun hits it at extreme angles. This is both on my bike and on my car's windshield. How does your product handle this?

Name is done, thanks for suggesting.

Raincoat is safe to use on the hardcoats. I tested by soaking an Arai and a Shoei in full strength Raincoat for 2 days. Shields looked the same, no delamination, no color changes and they weighed the same to 1/100th of a gram so nothing was absorbed and nothing was lost.

I have not seen any glare. Just make sure you buff briskly and completely turning the cloth often. Use a dry cotton towell or washcloth if you want to make buffing easy. Hold up to a light to see if anything is left. Shield should be glossy and no haze, sparkles or swirls even at night.

Raincoat and Fogtech at www.motosolutions.com