So, Menz, one question your fog video didn't address: how often do I have to apply the stuff to my helmet visor? Looks like a great product.

Good question. Fuzzy answer>> It depends.

Depends on how aggressive you are at cleaning it and how much you ride in the rain and what type of shield. If you leave it alone you will get one to three weeks out of it with a decent amount of rain.

I put it on an acrylic airplane window that was left out in the open all winter. Rained maybe a dozen times. No snow..hey this is California. After 4 months Raincoat was still about 50% effective.

I would suggest that you apply every week or so if you clean your shield a lot or ride in heavy rains. Raincoat has not "built up" to any great extent that I have seen.

If you want to remove completely, gently use a V2 Sponge or a Mr. Clean Magic sponge.

Uh, I guess my question was a little foggy: I was asking how long the NoFog stuff lasts....

You would think I would be used to foggy questions.

Fogtech lasts 3 to 5 days, but again, it depends. I have guys who get 15 days and others that are happy they get one day. Depends on humidity, how much heat/moisture you breathe or sweat, air flow, temperature and type of shield. YMMV as they say.

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