Thanks for your advice. I respect your knowledge and I am not disputing what you say. And I'm not saying I've never been to 6000. But at higher RPMs these bikes just get a little too buzzy, and for me 3500 to 4500 is the sweet spot in terms of comfortable riding. I do not lug the bike...if I slow down, I gear down, and if I need to accelerate hard I kick it down a gear. I am certainly not the type of rider who is in 5th by the time I exit the parking lot. I have been riding for over 30 years, mostly Jap bikes and a few dirt bikes, and have never put a street bike down. I have also never taken a bike to the track; I ride at my own pace; don't try to keep up with the sport bikes (or anyone else for that matter), and at 51 generally try to save my testosterone for things that matter

If I decide to keep these bikes for a long time and they carbon-up and die because of the way I ride, I get the feeling I won't be the only one that it happens to.

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