I've used the Raincoat and the Fogtech a few times since I ordered it. Here is what I've found so far.

The Raincoat works well, but my spray cleaner (Honda brand detail polish) tends to eat the coating right off of my visor. It works awesome when it is initially applied, but I commute everyday on my bike and tend to find it a necessity to clean my visor almost every evening (due to bugs, dirt, water spots, etc....).

The fogtech works awesome, but it seems to wear off quickly. It works VERY well, its just that you need to have the foresight to put it on when you need it. Once again, I'm a daily commuter and just don't always keep an eye on the weather I'm going to be riding in over the next few days. The Honda Spray cleaner also removes the fogtech coating with every cleaning (which is pretty much every time I get stuck in the rain).

For daily commuting, they are both good products as long as you are willing to take the time to make sure you're good to go the night before (I really don't fit into this category). They both work great and I wish I had the discipline to keep my visor properly treated. If traveling, it is definitely worth the extra time to make sure you have a fresh coat of both products on your visor if you think you might hit some inclimate weather. The Fogtech keeps the inside nice and clear, while the Raincoat allows the water to just roll off of the outside of your visor. They definitely work as advertised........I'm just too lazy to keep up with reapplying them.

-Keith (Yup, thats me...and my rubber chicken)

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