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Rode up the Yakima Canyon before the local authorities had left the donut shops. What's with a 45mph limit on a road engineered for 90?
A few years ago (okay-5?) I got a $145 ticket for 78 in the 45 zone. Apparently they have lots of vehicle/pedestrian/bicyclist accidents, or so the judge told me after he refused to lower the ticket. Dang!

I had been warned, which was why I was out there before 7:00 am. I didn't go all that fast 'cause I was fascinated by all people out fishin' But I was really peaved about that trooper on WA 17 between the US 2 intersection and the Chief Joseph Dam. Talk about no good reason to be there. Must be a population of about 132 within 250 square miles. And it isn't an easy day trip from any major urban center for people to go out high speed testing sport bikes or cars. But I suppose I should be happy he didn't stop me given my approach speed from one hilltop a distant light in the mirror to the next close enough to read the writing on the side of the car.

Thanks again for all your work, Steve.

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