I just wanted dig up this old thread due to the success I've had with these products. That last review was from me only using the products a few times, and after going back to read it.....I feel it deserves a better response.

For anyone living in the mid-Atlantic states over the past few weeks, you know we have been getting pounded with torrential rains/thunderstorms almost every day. I even got to deal with hail TWICE this past week. Just to make it fun, these storms have been rolling through right about the time of my evening commute. After one particularly bad commute during heavy rain, I remembered about the raincoat/fogtech products I had sitting in my glove box. During this commute, I pretty much had the choice of closing the visor and dealing with a fogged up visor, or opening it and getting pelted with rain. And on top of that, I was having a horrible time seeing out of my visor because the water was sticking to it. When I got home, I cleaned and dried my visor really well and went about applying the products per the instructions.

That was about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and I have to say.....I am REALLY REALLY REALLY pleased with the results. My visor hasn't fogged up once since the application, and the Raincoat does a superb job of keeping the outside clear even during the heaviest downpours. All you need is the tiniest little bit of airflow over your visor, and the water just rolls right off. The other nice added benefit is that the Raincoat makes getting bug guts off a complete breeze. I used Honda spray detailer on a daily basis to keep my visor clean (we collect a lot of bugs here in Amish Country). That used to involve, spray, wipe, scratch off stubborn bugs with fingernail, wipe, polish. Now the bugs never seem to get stuck to the visor. Its almost as if the Raincoat works like a Teflon coating on a non-stick pan. Now I just usually wipe off the bugs and polish.......then every 2-3 days I might hit it with a little spray detailer, but that used to be a nightly ritual.

I have got into the habit of reapplying both products on the weekends, and it takes care of my visor for the entire week. I'm not a affiliated with the product at all, just one really satisfied customer. I give it

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