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I just ordered some yesterday. Will this have the new packaging?

Vinny, thank you for your order! No it won't have the new packaging sorry to say. The new packaging will start in about 30 days or so.

The product and quantity is identical, so do this to get the benefits-

Be careful when you open the pouch, tear right across the spout at the notches. Squeeze out a small amount eg a small pea sized glob onto the faceshield. Dampen your applicator by dunking it into water then squeezing out excess water. Spread the glob with the damp applicator. You want a thin coating so less is better. Let dry for one or two minutes. Then buff it with soft cotton cloth until transparent.

While it is drying, squeeze the remaining Raincoat to the bottom of the pouch, fold the opening tightly a couple of times and use a paper clip to seal. Should last 30 days or more.

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