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As of 10/29/11 the guide has been broken into 4 posts in this same thread:
Western states, Central states, Eastern states , Elsewhere

Other RoadFood Resources

Stir has created a Google Map that can display these food places, and has added his suggestions. Add yours. Would help with Trip planning.
The URL is private so you have to be told about it to see it. However, anyone can see and edit the map. Enter your address into the search bar. Your eatery should show on the map. Click it. A description should show up and one of the options is to add the location to the custom map.
Thanks to: Stir - a mighty fine online listing of Texas Roadfood - favorite Roadside Cafes, Barbecue Pits, Diners, Holes-In-Walls, Greasy Spoons, Down Home Cooking Restaurants. For those who prefer chowing down to dining

www.roadfood.comthe most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America - the guide to food on the road


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