BEGIN QUOTE: I had ordered a few SpeedBleeders for my bike, but the sizing info on their page is incorrect for the '02's on. END QUOTE.

Does anyone know the correct speedbleeders for a 2002 R1150RT (or RT-P?)

I tried ordering based on their webpage listing (before I read this post, unfortunately) and got 1010S for the front, WAY too big, and 6100 for back, WAY too skinny. I've written to speedbleeders, but it would help if I knew what sizes DO work on this bike, since apparently they don't!

BTW, this was a GREAT write-up, made my replacing of all brake fluids on my bike a simple process. THANKS!

Paul Hoffman
2002 R1150RT-P
2000 R1100RT
1998 HD Sportster

Paul Hoffman