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Went by you last may after torrey. Tried to call both you and old rider...no luck. Hope he is ok. PM me a phone # so I can give a call as I get close.

Been too long!

My 800.714.7204 now rings through Vader. If I'm not there to pick up, it finds my cellphone that's usually in my pocket. Let it ring. If I can manage things right, I wouldn't mind springtime in the east on the bike, so beware.
My number for Oldrider stored on my cell says it is no longer in service. I pondered throwing some dirt on the forum to see if we could get a rise out of him, maybe the Kennewick vice squad could help us out.
(PS; I still have your oatmeal WMD culture)

Journey Well....
(and don't forget to pimp your ride)