It evidentally does have to be re-coded. I did just try installing it and the lights just flashed would not clear . Thats where my research started. The local dealer that I called I guess couldn't be too worried about my small issue. I shouldn't say the dealer but the service manager couldn't be bothered . I tried calling on last Wednesday about the procedure he said he would have to check with the mechanic. Ok so I wait I call back on Thursday oh I forgot and the tech is not here right now to check and won't be back till Tuesday . So I wait again .Called today ,the mechanic said once the unit is installed it can't be recoded .So I figured screw'em . I took the ECU off my old unit took some electromotive cleaner,cleaned it really well an installed it onto the new used ABS unit . Took it for a 20 mile ride all is well . So unless it comes back on I guess I will not worry about it for now . My fault I originally had would come back as soon as I started moving before . In the mean time I will find out about recoding the ECU for future and I will dissect my old ABS unit and see if I can figure this thing out . Thanks for the reply's . Dave

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