Next meet & greet is April 15, maybe that will inspire some more to come have a drink. If your tax bill is anything like mine, you will have 4 wheels under you and someone else driving!!

So next time is still the same location, the Taproom, but I have been kind of looking for another location. Nothing against the Taproom, but would be nice to find a place that maybe has a wider selection of food in a wider price range so those that want a light snack dont end up paying more of a dinner price.

So if anyone has an idea,please share it, I will check it out and see what it has to offer. I think a prime location would be similiar to the Taproom, located close to the core of the city so all roads, okay all freeways lead to it, so no matter where people are coming from, they can have quick and easy access to it and back home. A good neighborhood would be good too so we dont have to worry about people messing with the bikes.

So see you then and there. The location won't change for April.

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