I've installed a Stebel and it won't work.
I've taken eveerything back off and started over, retraced all the wires repeatedly, and can't find a thing wrong.
I've tried 4 different relays, including 1 of a different brand.
If I take the + wire from the horn off the relay and touch it to the + battery terminal, the horn blows.
When I push the horn button, the light on the wire from the relay to the + terminal lights up, the relay clicks, and... nothing.
Although my instructions said to run the - wire from the horn back to the relay, I was told to run it directly to the - terminal on the battery, and it made no difference.
I checked the 2 wires from the horn, touching them directly to the battery and the horn worked. If I reverse them, I get a chuffing sound which I assume is the compressor running backwards. So the connections to the horn are good and are correctly wired.
What else can I check? At this point, I'm sorry I bothered with it at all, though I'd love to have the extra sound (as opposed to the 'eenk' noise the stock horn makes).
Any suggestions?